To Preserve and Protect

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Native Aspens PrintIt is so hard sometimes to know what to do with a painting or a sentimental object that you want to preserve and protect. Our answer of course is “Frame it!”.

Much as the title of this blog suggests, we are here to “Preserve and Protect”! Much like the cheesy metaphor I am implying, we are here to preserve the integrity of the piece you bring in, consider the safety of the piece from elements, chemicals and other outside influences and overall protect the piece while keeping good design a main focus. Preservation framing is what we do!

With paintings and other original art pieces, there are standard considerations that are influenced by the medium of the piece. Some need UV glass at minimum. Some need no glass. Others need spacers or mats to insure the glass isn’t touching the work. These are just a few examples.

With sentimental pieces or 3D objects, there are different standard considerations. Is there existing damage? Can we hide it or repair it? What is the height? How do we hold it in place? Do we have a deep enough frame? Does it need a custom plexiglass case?

Beaded Jaguar CaseOur badge of honor that we “wear” allows us to instruct and guide you as you choose how to handle framing your selected items. We are here to advise you on what looks good, what will offer the best protection and how to go about putting it all together in a preserving way. To that end we use museum quality materials. From matts to glass and even backing board, we have options that will help your framed pieces outlive you so it can be passed down to the next generation for their enjoyment.

Standard options do not always apply these protective qualities or provide the same wow factor. Much like a security guard and a real police officer, only one has real authority and ability to protect while the other only has pepper spray. The same can be said for framing. You can slap a nice rectangle from a sale rack at a hobby store around anything, but will it offer the anything more than an attractive border? Probably not. When framing something you care about it is best to work with the professionals who are the authority on preservation framing and have the abilities and materials to protect your artwork.

So the next time you want it framed right, bring it to the pros. You may not see a badge on our shirt but we ARE here to Preserve and Protect!

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