How to choose a good picture framer

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There are pieces or photos that just need something more than an off-the-shelf frame. They have meaning in your life and you want to preserve them or just make them look great or both! Choosing a picture framer is very important. Here are some tips to choose a good framer:

Genuine Fans & Chopsticks1) Do they have experience? 

There are many places you can go to get a frame. But do you know who is touching your memories? It is important to know that the folks who are helping you understand design, know about preservation and can advise you on best practices. This will help insure that your piece will be taken care of and last! For instance, two of our picture framer’s have over 20 years experience apiece and have been certified using museum quality standards!


Native Aspens Print2) Do they understand design?

You don’t go to a framer for another rectangle! You go to a picture framer to match your decor or to make your piece pop. Colors, frame styles, matt widths and glass can all play an integral role in the design of any given piece. The wrong color can totally ruin a piece and draw the eye away. Many design things are subtle but, done wrong, they can you leave you feeling like some thing just doesn’t fit. There is an aesthetic quality to each piece that should be taken into consideration.


Nightcrawler by Billy Fowler3) Do they push the boundaries?

It is our goal to make every piece as amazing as possible. “Best design first” is our motto. Sometimes special matt cuts, multiple matts, a shadowbox frame or even layered frames and completely take a given art piece or photo to a whole other level. It can take mundane into the insane category! Mind-blowing designs can help a piece really stand out and leave with years of enjoyment.


Night Rain Painting4) Are they honest with you?

While we do not want to come across snobby or uptight but it is important to have a picture framer that will tell you “No that doesn’t work”! Some times the preconceived notions in our minds make us settle for a design before we even start shopping. The idea may have merit but the execution is lacking. Don’t be afraid to use a framer who will be honest with you. They are looking out for your best interest! See tip number 2!


Well there are a few things to think about! For any questions, call us at 237-2911 or stop by our shop on the corner of Paseo & Wyoming by the Flying Star!


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